Everything is Better When it Comes from Grammy’s House

When I was little a trip to Grammy’s was the highlight of the season. I got to go Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving and Christmas. As I got older I was dropped off halfway between home and Grammy’s to spend my Spring and Summer trips by myself in Charlottesville with her.

Now, everything that went on at Grammy’s house was AWESOME. There was always a chocolate cake waiting on the kitchen table for me, her old square dance skirts for me to play dress up in (yes, she was a champion square dancer around town), and best of all.. the Minnie Mouse Band Aids that had been in that medicine cabinet as long as I could remember.

These were no ordinary Minnie Mouse Band Aids. These were literally from 1992 or before. They came in a tin Band Aid’s can (the same size as a Band Aids box these days, just tin) and were a little different of a material from the Band Aids at home. I used to find any excuse to use one, but only one, during each trip. I knew they were special and I wanted them to last until I was “too old for them” (little did I know I would still be buying Barbie and Spider Man Band Aids 10+ years later).

The tin is still there, sans Minnie Mouse contents, and I can only hope my Grandkids will get to enjoy it too.


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