Always a Child at Heart


Ever seen a kid cut their finger?

Every seen a teenager cut their finger?

Ever seen a young adult cut their finger?

What do these all have in common? THEY REQUIRE A BAND AID. But let’s not stop there. If given the choice between a ┬áplain Band Aid or a character Band Aid the most common choice is going to be a character Band Aid.. regardless of age.

Who cares if I am 20 years old. I want a Spider Man Band Aid. My 23 year old sister wants a Hello Kitty. My 82 year old Grammy wants a Spongebob Squarepants Band Aid.

No matter how old we get, we always enjoy a little piece of childhood every now and then, and sometimes the best kind is in the form of a Band Aid.


Band Aids Aren’t Just for Scrapes

So we all know that Band Aid was originally intended for everyday scrapes, paper cuts, skinned knees, etc. That is what they are advertised for and designed for. Since the start of Band Aid sales, however, there have been many other uses for them besides simply cover a wound and keeping it clean.

One example would be using Band Aids to cover zits. As shown in the Grey’s Anatomy clip above (about 45 seconds in) the character Meredith has a zit. Of course she has to look better than the woman her boyfriend left her for (the redhead in the video) so she covers it with a Band Aid. I’ve seen this done in real life also. It just shows people would rather have a printed piece of nylon/latex stuck to their face, arm, back, chest, WHEREVER, than to show an imperfection.

I guess if you look at the bigger picture Band Aids were invented for people to cover up “imperfections” of their skin.

The hip hop artist Nelly wore a Band Aid for the longest time. It wasn’t covering any imperfections, but instead it was symbolic. He wore it as a “shout out” to a friend in jail. Band Aids are so versatile…